Create GUI Page Synthedit Photoshop KnobMan Tutorial

Create GUI Page Synthedit Photoshop KnobMan Tutorial

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Create GUI Page Synthedit Photoshop KnobMan Tutorial

In this video you gonna learn to make Custom GUI button panel for Synthedit using Knobman and photoshop.
Hi guys, this is Rudra from Today you gonna learn to make custom GUI panel button inside Synthedit.
First we will make a very basic back ground panel page in Adobe Photoshop
then we will create a button in KnobMan
With this techniques now you can make your Synthedit vst plugins About page.When end user click on that button this button will show who created the vst etc. This is basically a switching techniques so when you click one button one page will be opened when you click another button another page will be opened. Now you can also make Reverb, delay etc effects panel page inside Synthedit and make modern vsts for your DAW.
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