Pluckatonic VST Rompler Synthesizer

Pluckatonic VST Rompler Synthesizer

Create the next hit with PLUCKATONIC

PLUCKATONIC  VST Rompler Synthesizer by RDGAudio
Pluckatonic is a sample based modern Rompler Synthesizer
specially designed for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).


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PLUCKATONIC is a sample based modern rompler synthesizer designed for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).
PLUCKATONIC is also a trance Pluck sampler developed for Trance loving people. It consumes very low CPU & RAM but it performs very well as a Standalone or a VST Synthesizer.
It comes with 128 modern Pluck sounds FXP and with the dedicated FXB factory bank. Whether you are making a Trance, Techno, Progressive House track, this ROMPLER helps you to make stunning sounds with in a minute.
Now a days every modern waveform based vst synthesizers loads with init saw / sine presets. It is quite
time consuming and hectic to design a Pluck or modern sound by it, specially when you are in hurry of
making a Trance or EDM pluck sound from scratch. here our PLUCKATONIC synthesizer comes. Now it is
hassle free,make superb modern peak time Trance/EDM pluck sound with in a minute for your tracks or live

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It comes with pre made various DRY Pluck samples developed by our engineers and talented musicians, sounddesigners.
When you load the samples, PLUCKATONIC's synth engine re synthesizes that sound and you end up with a
very rich and beautiful sound for your Music.
PLUCKATONIC has Two Decks. Load A and Load B. You can browse samples in it from the samples folder.
However you can load your own samples in it. It has one Amp envelope and two separate Filter Envelope for rich sound.
PLUCKATONIC has a emulated Plate reverb and Sync delay which gives you the modern sound for your
Electronic music.

• Comes with 128 FXP presets
• Comes with 76 pre made samples designed by professional sound designers and engineers
• PLUCKATONIC comes with rich ,beautiful modern Pluck sound
• Comes with two Decks (Load A and Load B) to make rich sound on top of another
• PLUCKATONIC consumes very low CPU and RAM
• Play it live and assign controllers in two easy steps
• PLUCKATONIC can run as a Standalone or as a VST plugins
• Any Windows VST supported host (DAW) can handle PLUCKATONIC easily
• OS Windows 32 and 64 bit
• Sampled in lossless wave formats
• Easy to use interface
• 3D Knobs and drop down menu
• Emulated hardware Plate Reverb unit
• Left Right sync Delay
• Built in compressor as effect
• Separate Filter envelope and controls to control two sounds side by side
• Mix A-B knob to mix between two signals
• Mix A-b knob can be used for Pan A and B
• Stereo Spatial controls for better Stereo positioning
• Help file and update button from the synthesizer interface



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