Nexus Pluck

Nexus Pluck

Nexus Pluck

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Hi guys, this is Rudra from and Welcome to another exciting tutorial.Today we will make Pluck sound from scratch inside Refx Nexus. It is a Nexus Pluck tutorial.
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Those who use Nexus all know that Nexus is a Rompler.That means Nexus can play only those sounds which are stored by their Sound designers and engineers.So you can't choose and modify sound from basic wave forms such as Sine,Pulse,Ramp etc like other vst Synthesizers. How ever when Nexus loads it comes with a boring Saw type sound so today we will design and tweak some of it's basic parameter and create cool Pluck sound from scratch. After that you can use that preset sound in your trance,House or techno track.
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Fine,now lets get started.
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Nexus Pluck

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