Sound Proof Studio Room Easy Pro Method RDGAudio

Sound Proof Studio Room Easy Pro Method RDGAudio

If you have a recording studio in a noisy area or if you are getting unwanted annoying noise from windows, this video will help you to sound proof your room.
Hi, guys this is John from Refined Digital Group.Welcome to our Studio Sound proofing Acoustic Panel Tutorial.Today we gonna show you How to Sound proof Studio Room Acoustic panels Windows.In this video we will show you how we sound proof our own Mixing and mastering studio.
To sound proof your window you will need….
2x2 inch thick wood
Measuring Tape
Carpentry tools
Safety gloves,Mask
Air sealing tapes
Wood glue
Sealing materials such as Green Glue/acoustic glue and wood Putty.
LDF, which is a sound absorbing panels commonly known as Low density Fibers.
Spray paint (Color: up to you)

Sound Proof Studio Room Easy Pro Method RDGAudio

1. First close the window properly and put some Air sealing tape so no air can pass through from the window .Remember where Air travels , sound travels.
2. Measure your window with measuring tape.Our window is 5feet long and 4 feet wide.Prepare the frame from 2inch by 2inch thick wood according to this length and height.Our carpentry guys are making the frame from Oak wood.
3. After preparing the window frame Drill on it.Then Change the drill bit and chamfer the holes.
4. Next place the frame on the window wall and mark where to be screwed.
5. Drill the mark, attach wooden screw catcher and then screw up.
6. Our carpenters have done a great job and have placed the frame on the window wall properly. Now seal the gap between the wall and the frame with wood putty.
7. Now double check there is no air gap between the wall and the frame. Then finally seal with green glue.
8. Now it’s time to prepare the LDF panel.Preparing LDF panel is very straight forward.LDF is very soft so be careful during measuring.After measuring cut the LDF panel. Our team is using hand saw however you can cut with electrical saw. LDF is very soft by nature so we are using Hand saw.
9. After cutting the LDF pane drill on it and place on the frame.To lock the panel you will need plenty of screw.
10. After placing the LDF panel on the frame seal with wood putty and Glue.
11. After attaching the sound proof panel board it looks like this.
12. Now it’s Spray time.Spray with your favorite color.After spraying it looks like this.
13. We have closed the window however we can open the panel easily.So if you don’t wanna close the window permanently you can also open the panel board easily after recording or mixing.
14. We have sound proof your Mixing and mastering studio.By this method you can sound proof your Dub studio or Vocal recording studio.

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