FL Studio Beginner's Tutorial Create Trance Track Kick Bass RDGAudio

FL Studio Beginner's Tutorial Create Trance Track Kick Bass RDGAudio

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FL Studio Beginner's Tutorial Create Trance Track Kick Bass RDGAudio

Today's video we gonna create this short Trance track.Hi guys,this is John from Refined Digital Group. Welcome to FL Studio beginner tutorial.
Today we gonna create a short track from scratch. This video has broken down into two parts.
This is the first part. In this part we are creating Kick and Bass. In Trance or any Electronic dance music, Kick and Bass are the main foundation of your track.
First create a low Bass. i am using Reveal sound spire,how ever you can use any synthesizer. Add Fruity Blood over drive for distortion and add a fruity parametric eq to cut down the lower unnecessary frequency.
After creating the low bass, create kick. Assign it properly into mixer tracks.
Add eq and compressor. Then Duplicate the bass channel and make a rolling trance bass from it.To make your bass groovy and avoid clashing with kick drum make a side chain input.later create saw bass. saw bass adds a high end, which is perfect for Trance.
Finally it's time to add high hat and Claps. first create a closed high hat followed by an open hi hat. Route them to appropriate mixer track. Then add claps.So, That's for the video. In the next video,we gonna create the Chord and String pad. See you on the next part.


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