Create Vst Plugins Peak Meter Synthedit Photoshop Knobman Tutorial RDGAudio

Create Vst Plugins Peak Meter Synthedit Photoshop Knobman Tutorial RDGAudio

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Create Vst Plugins Peak Meter Synthedit Photoshop Knobman Tutorial RDGAudio

In this video you gonna learn how to make your own vst plugins from scratch using synthedit.
Hi guys, this is Rudra. I am the founder of Refined Digital Group.Today I will show you how you guys can make your own vst plugins from scratch using Synthedit. Today we will make a peak meter plugins.For GUI skinning I will use Adobe Photoshop and Knobman.I hope you have some basic knowledge about the three softwares. Those who don't know synthedit this video also can help them to make own vst plugins. synthedit is basically a vst complilor. To make vst you don't need to know C++ or any programming. Synthedit's power full DSP module helps to make vst in no time. However if you know C++ you can build your own synthedit module from synthedit SDK.
Synthedit is very handy, node based, easy to use powerful vst builder but unfortunately there is no proper official video tutorial for synthedit.The man who created Synthedit Mr Jeff Mcclintok is very talented person there is no doubt about it but he never created any video tutorial for Synthedit officially.Although We are still learning this program but We love to help people to learn Synthedit what we have learned during making of our own Vst products.Last year 2016 we made tutorials on synthedit and Knobman to make custom knob,sliders,switch ,drum pad and own filter vst plugins. Also this year we will try to make more tutorials on Synthedit , Knobman and Photoshop.
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Okay enough talking, now without any further ado lets jump into the tutorial.
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