Etch PCB Home Guitar Amplifier Circuit  RDGAudio

Etch PCB Home Guitar Amplifier Circuit  RDGAudio

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Etch PCB Home Guitar Amplifier Circuit RDGAudio


In this video we gonna show you how to etch PCB at home.
Hi guys, this is John from Refined Digital Group.
In this video I will show you the PCB etching method so that you can easily etch your PCB at home.
In this video we are making a Guitar Amplifier circuit board from scratch.
To etch your PCB you will need.....
* Fecl3 (Ferric Chloride)
* Clad Board
*Scotch Brite and Thinner
* PCB Printing Paper and Electric Iron (Optional)
* Permanent Marker
* Electronics Spare parts
* Solder Iron ,Solder and Flux
* Vessel
* Hand or Electric Drill
* Gas Oven (Optional)
* Safety Mask and Gloves.

Etch PCB Home Guitar Amplifier Circuit  RDGAudio

First prepare your electronics or electrical circuit drawing. We are using Deep Trace however you can use any circuit designing software of your choice.
After preparing the circuit draw the circuit on the clad board. We are hand drawing the circuit but you can use PCB printing method with PCB paper and Electric Iron. Trace the drawing with permanent marker. The ink of the marker seals the trace are during the reacting with the ferric chloride. The bare copper when gets contact with the ferric chloride it dissolves into the solution.
Nest prepare the Copper clad board. We have already prepared the board.
Then Prepare the Ferric Chloride solution..
For quick reaction we are using Gas Burner.
After etching remove the ink from the board.
Drill on the board.
Place the electronics spare parts and solder them.
Now you are ready with your board.
Now take a listen the sound coming straight from the Amplifier Circuit board.
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Etch PCB Home Guitar Amplifier Circuit  RDGAudio

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