Introduction Pluckatonic Rompler Synthesizer 2017

Introduction Pluckatonic Rompler Synthesizer 2017

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Introduction Pluckatonic Rompler Synthesizer 2017

KVRAudio :

Hi guys this is Rudra from refined digital group. Welcome to another exciting video. This is an introduction video of our new Rompler Synthesizer PLUCKATONIC.

PLUCKATONIC is a wave sample based Rompler synthesizer specifically designed for Pluck sound. This is available as Standalone and VST formats. It can be played inside any VST supported DAW.

Where to get PLUCKATONIC?

You can download PLUCKATONIC from our official website
PLUCKATONIC is also available in KVRAudio.
To get PLUCKATONIC just follow the link.

Why did we design PLUCKATONIC?

We have designed PLUCKATONIC for Speed and Simplicity. Now a days in modern music pluck is widely used. Almost every electronic dance track pluck is used for Chords,leads and for arpeggiators. Making a Pluck sound from a subtractive synthesizer is a very subjective topic. Sometimes producers are confused they spend tons of tons time to browse a right pluck sound for their tracks. From our music production experience we have seen creating a pluck sound from scratch using a subtractive synthesizer is a vast process, specially when we create a peak time track.
That’s why we have designed PLUCKATONIC. In Pluckatonic you don’t need to route any signal. Hassle free sound designing synth engine also very useful for beginners, who don’t have enough sound designing experience.

Digital signal processing (DSP)

PLUCKATONIC comes with 128 ready made Pluck Presets. It comes with 2 Sample loading decks. Deck A & Deck B. From here you can load Samples. PLUCKATONIC comes with over 75 Pluck sounds, designed by our engineers and sound designers. We have generated this dry PLUCK sound from Matlab Octave environment. Later we have created looping point into the generated samples.


As I STATED EARLIER in PLUCKATONIC you don’t need to route any signal. Like other Subtractive synthesizers you don’t need to route a SAW waveform into Filter Cut of envelope to get a PLUCK sound. We have already done this hard work for you. PLUCKATONIC comes with 128 Pluck presets however you can make your own preset from our sample library. To generate your own sound all you need to do is just load our pre made samples into pluckatonic’s deck and mix that sound with on board effects then save the preset.

PLUCKATONIC’s architecture

PLUCKATONIC has two Filter envelopes. They are separated that means if you load two different samples in two decks,the filter envelopes will not disturb each other.
This is the Volume & Stereo Spatial section. From here you can adjust Stereo field and oscillator volume. Pluckatonic has one Amp Envelope. Attack ,decay,Sustain and Release.
Next this is the OCTAVE,Transpose and Fine tune section.
Pluckatonic has Master filter sections. They are separated however if you want to control two filter frequencies at a same time you can control it from here. This is the Pitch bend wheel.
PLUCKATONIC has built in color less compressor. That means this compressor will not change the tonality. It will only compress the dynamics.
It has one Reverb unit. This a plate reverb.
And this is delay unit. From here you can set the time sync. And from here adjust the dry Wet.
And finally this is Master section. From here you can increase or decrease the volume level of the synthesizer. And this is the Mix knob to mix Deck A with Deck B.

I hope in this intro video I covered the basic of PLUCKATONIC. This is RUDRA from RDGAudio. Until next time create your music with PLUCKATONIC.

Introduction Pluckatonic Rompler Synthesizer 2017.

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