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    VRT-10 rotary evaporator
    This is a new type of large-screen color touch screen integrated control rotary evaporator developed by our company for the current domestic and foreign laboratory users. The instrument is equipped with a new universal heating pot, vertical condensation glass assembly, and the most advanced safety. Features and digital connectivity. The VRT-10 model will be your strong and reliable experimental partner. Its optimized heating capacity will enable rapid heating. The three-layer cooling pipe is equipped with a specially designed condenser to efficiently use 1800 cm2 of condensation area. This is exactly why the VRT-10 Rotary Evaporator can achieve reliable and repeatable distillation that is usually achieved on other, more expensive distillation equipment. Others such as the smooth start function, positive and negative reversal and timing function can provide a great help for the user’s daily laboratory work. It is necessary to mention a series of perfect safety functions of the VRT-10 Rotary Evaporator: with anti-dry automatic power-off function, motor abnormality detection function, when the host temperature is abnormal / stop rotating, the host can automatically rise to the highest point, It can prevent the solvent from overheating; the heating pot has adjustable safety temperature loop; anti-dry protection function; adjustable falling end point setting; In addition, We also provides product design USB data interface to link computer data storage. The heating pot can be controlled by the host’s infrared interface.
    Temp.range:RT ~210℃。
    Temperature control mode: LCD display; PID temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C
    Width: 600mm
    Depth: 330mm
    Height: 720mm
    Cooling surface 1800cm2
    Voltage: AC220V/AC110V
    Total power: 1400W
    Weight: 16kg
    Heating power: 1300W
    Minimum speed: 20rpm/minute
    Host: DC motor
    Integrated vacuum controller: Yes
    Motor power: 60W
    Cooling type: vertical
    Reversible direction rotation: Yes
    Security Level: IP 20
    Interface: RS 485/USB and infrared interface
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Speed: up to 310rpm
    Permitted relative humidity: 80%
    Allowed maximum ambient temperature 40°C
    Allowed ambient temperature: 5°C
    Positive reversal timer: yes* Heater water oil universal; with anti-dry automatic power off function
    * Configure vertical condenser glass assembly
    * Automatic lifting, with safety stop function
    * With RS 485/USB and infrared interface
    * Optimized heating pot capacity enables rapid heating
    * Rugged design
    * Heater with ergonomically designed safety handle
    * Smooth start
    * can be positive and negative operation
    * Has timing function
    * Anti-dry protection
    * Safety temperature loop
    * Adjustable end point setting
    * Condensate design with drop point, anti-backflow device
    * Special retraction bottle design, easy to withdraw bottles
    * Large-screen color touch screen controller, multi-parameter intuitive digital display, can be built into 20 kinds of experimental data, quickly start the distillation process.
    * Set includes: Heater and VRT-10 Vertical Condensation Glass AssemblyRotary Evaporator Made in China

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