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    Hot press vacuum furnace
    The hot press vacuum furnace is made for diffusion bonding metal powder and functional ceramic into special piece. This hot press vacuum equipment provide vacuum environment(or certain air atmosphere), high temperature and pressure to form powder into a whole piece with certain shape depending on the mold shape. The pressure is provided by hydraulic drive. THere are vertical type and horizontal type of chambers are available for us. The size of chamber can be designed according user’s requires, lab use or production use.

    Heating method: Resistance heating
    Material of heater: Graphite
    Thermal Insulation material:Hard carbon felt
    Max temperature: 2300 centigrade
    Temperature controlling precision: 1 centigrade
    Temperature uniformity: 5 centigrade
    Ultimate vacuum level : 0.0005 Pa
    Rate of pressure increase : 0.5Pa/h
    Max pressure : From 5T to 800T optional
    Press displacement accuracy: 0.1 mm
    Operational approach : Both automatic and manual are available.
    If you are interested in our machine, please contact us, [email protected] Furnace For Target Material manufacturers

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