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    Polyester reinforced TPO waterproof sheet is a type of polymer waterproof material that using polypropylene(PP) and rubber as main material, adding polyester fiber in the middle as reinforcement to enhance product property. It maintains high tensile strength and good durability, also can be recycled throughout its service lifetime.

    Product advantage
    1.Convenient operation: well adapted to wet substrate or under different weather condition, after construction, the product can be exposed to the air without any protective layer; Re-welding is
    2.Long service life: High aging resistance, tensile strength and elongation.Anti-mildew and alga.
    3.High sun rays reflection when using white color TPO.
    4.Environmental friendly:Product contains no chlorine, heavy metal nor harmful elements to the plant roots

    Executive Standard: GB27789-2011
    1Thickness Above Scrim——0.40
    2tensile performanceMax.Tensile strength, (N/cm)≥——200250
    Tensile Strength, MPa≥12————
    Elongation at max. tensile strength. %≥————15
    Elongation at break, %≥500250——
    3Dimensional change after heat treatment, %≤
    4Flexibility at low temperature-40℃, no cracking
    5Water tightness0.3MPa, 2h, water tight
    6Puncture Resistance0.5kg·m, impermeable
    7Hydrostatic Resistance——20kg, impermeable
    8Lap seam peeling strength4.0 or membrane breakage3.0
    9Right-angled tear strength60————
    10Trapezoid tear strength——300450

    Application range
    1.Roofing waterproofing engineering;
    Building roof light steel roof plant roof
    2.Underground waterproofing engineering(Subway ,tunnel, basement)

    3.roof gardening waterproof engineering;

    Construction procedure scheme:
    1.Mechanical Fastening
    Construction procedure scheme: (see the sketch map→)

    1.Substrate treatment –2.‚Paving vapor barrier –3.ƒFastening insulating layer– ④Paving waterproof membrane – ⑤Fastening waterproof membrane – ⑥Hot gas welding waterproof membrane.
    1)Clean and fix the substrate, make it flat, smooth, dry, clean without any hollow, sand, or crack.
    Paving TPO membrane: pave the membrane according to the alignment line, keep the membrane straight and
    smooth without over-stretch or wrinkle.
    Membrane fastening under overlapping area: Use fixings to fasten the membrane.
    Hot gas welding: Use auto hot gas welding machine or handheld hot gas welding gun and silicone rubber roller
    to weld the TPO membrane.
    2.Full-adhibiting Method
    Construction procedure scheme:

    1.Substrate treatment–‚2.Snap lines for alignment –ƒ3.Paving waterproof membrane–④Paint adhesive–⑤Rolling to exhaust gas-⑥Hot gas welding waterproof membrane
    1)Substrate adhesive can be painted on substrate or on the downward side of TPO membrane. Paint the adhesive evenly with no blank spot or pile-up (can adopt strip adhibiting method, spot adhibiting method and border adhibiting method as well)
    2)Overlapping area shall adopt hot gas welding method. Weld the long edge first and the short edge after. Full adhibiting method is suitable for concrete substrate of various buildings. The construction technique and key process are the same as other high polymer waterproof membrane that use adhesion bonding method.
    Note: TPO membrane with self-adhesive layer adopts pre-paving or wet-paving methods.

    Construction Attentions: At welding, clean the welding area, no water, no oil and no contamination is allowed.Before a formal welding, testing welding shall be carried out, to confirm the welding temperature and speed.

    Flat-wise storage ,the stack height should not be over 5 layers,
    Up-right storage, the stack height should not be over 2 layers.
    Do not contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents.
    Storage temperature should not exceed 45℃, shelf-life is not more than one year.
    TPO Waterproofing Membrane factory

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