Why do we make Free Videos?
Good question folks! Actually we believe on creativity. We believe every body should learn music for free. Now the question comes why free? Because we all know how much hectic this phenomenon is to record a good quality tutorial then publish it.This is very time consuming and boring stuffs too so we need to make paid tutorials. Yeah ! Right. But we think differently.We believe money can't make music but music can make money.
Our motto is to make the world full of music.Birds can sing.Peacock can dance.We are human so we have some basic instincts too.
Can you count your heart beat? yes,of course you can measure your heart beat very easily. Do you know first music beat concept came from the concept of heart beat??
God has gifted us some great features.We can feel sound , measure beats, play any thing on rhythm.
We are just trying to garnish your musical ideas properly.Also We are trying to modify your sound skills.
Since we make Electronic and Acoustic Music, we know the complexity of Digital Audio Workstation.So we all time try to share our ideas sincerely which we have gathered from last a decade.We believe knowledge should all time be free. Music is the language of the Earth.
We are making tutorials on: Sound Designing (Acoustic and Electronic Music)
Sound Sampling Tutorials
Synthesizer and Plugins Making Tutorials
Audio Hardware Tutorials.
We are RDGAudio.It is all about Music and Sound.
If you are interested you can visit our Official Youtube Channel at : www.youtube.com/rdgaudios
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Our previous Website : https://rdgaudio.wordpress.com
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