Stereo Filter Delay

Stereo Filter Delay

Create your musical hit with Stereo Filter Delay (SFD)









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SFD is our first Standalone Audio VST Plugins for Echo and Delay. It's algorithm is based on dual side by side audio emphasis technology.It gives you the flexibility to control two channels,Left and Right channel separately.That means if you adjust one channel it won't disturb the other. Unlike other Stereo Delay Vst plugins we have added two side by side channels which gives you the flexibility to make wide Stereo signal from a complete Mono sound or Audio signal.

It is dual by it's nature and we have designed it with our famous  'Side by Side' algorithm.Now you can easily create a Stereo Dual vocal type effects from any Mono Vocal. It's built in Low Pass and High Pass filters can easily cut your unwanted frequency from your Audio.That means now you don't need an Eq in your mix buss after a Delay Plugins.Most amazing fact is we didn't add the filter section for global purpose. We have designed the filter section for it's two channels separately, so that one filter (lets say High Pass filter of Channel Left) will not disturb other channel anyway.

Available in Standalone & 32bit VST plugins format for any major DAW.

Supported OS Windows Vista,7,8 & 10.


Now you don't need a VST host to drive this Echo effect. It comes as standalone edition.So what you need is just an Audio file.Import any Audio into it and get amazing Stereo Dual Delay Sound. Also with this standalone mode, you can record and export your edited Delay track from this plugins as an wav file.

However you can run this Software as a VST plugins in side any VST supported DAW.

1. Full Stereo based on dual side by side audio emphasis technology.
2. Dual Left and Right for Stereo Mix buss.
3. Surround Echo for Surround Mix buss.
4. Real(Hardware type) pitched modulated effect during changing delay times.
5.Two Modes: Sync (for Host Tempo Sync or master sync) and Free.

6.High pass and Low pass for Individual channel.

7.Very Low CPU Consumption.

8.Individual Pan Knobs

9.No dry knob so Audio signal will not be over gained during Audio Gain Staging.

10.Insert it in Send Return track/buss or as Insert Effects in side DAW.

This is Version 1.0. Designed & Developed at Refined Digital Group.

Concept & Supervisor : RUDRA GHOSH
DSP & Programming : PRANABESH DEY
Analogue Circuitry : SHIMRAN SHARMA

VST plugins brought to you by Refined digital Group (RDGAudio).

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