**Please read the following policy.

Due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we regretfully inform you that we cannot provide any refunds for any products sold here.

  • We don’t offer Money back or any Refund . After purchasing a product if you dislike it for any reason, in any manner please don’t ask us to refund the money.
  • After successful purchase in any case if you are unable to Download file please do E-mail us or Contact us. Provide your Invoice and E-mail details. We will verify your credentials and Resend the File via Direct Download link.
  • We don’t allow you to resale, reupload or host any of our products to any server or webhosts.
  • If you complain to Paypal or Razor Pay or Stripe against us by saying  “We (RDGAudio) didn’t send you the File” It will be handed over to the Resolution Center. They will hold the payment as a result you won’t get any Files from us.
  • Be polite, be gentle , don’t panic. If you make a successful payment we will send the file to you at your registered email address .This may take max 24-36 hours.

**Please Agree the following Terms & Condition