Acoustic Dhaak 2 is a sample based  Instruments comes with over 400 samples with different articulation and 6 Instruments. It has been sampled from 3 types of Indian Acoustic Dhaak and Brass Bells (Kansar,Ghanta) which is used during the Durga Puja festivals in India. This instrument is sampled with 3 Mic Position.It is 2 layers of velocity with Round Robin algorithm. It comes with Win 32-64 bit VST ,VST3,AU and Mac VST plugins. Acoustic Dhaak 2 comes with FREE Player, however you need to purchase the factory expansion to Up and Run the full instrument.

Melodic Pluck Vengeance Avenger is a Trance ,EDM  Pluck library. Extensively designed for quick melody creation.It comes with over 128 Presets having 25 Arps,20 Chords,15 Sequences,12 Effects,52 Plucks and 5 Pads. At also comes with 12 Drum Kits,12 Drum Sequences,27 Re-sampler,24 Wave Shapes,16 Wave tables.

We have recreated some sounds from our Custom Saw Pluck Wave Shapes. And some presets are coming from our previous Trance Pluck Expansion. Which comes FREE !! with this Pack.

We are introducing FREE Player feature. Now you can Download the FREE player of each product. You are no longer limited to the Lite version. Now you can test the whole plugins by just installing the Player. It comes with one Test Sound. If you are happy with the Player / GUI, only then you can Purchase the Expansion for that particular player to get the sound library.



RDGAudio Team Members

Rudra Ghosh


Rudra is an Engineer,Music Producer.

RDGAudio Team Members

Partho Bose


Partho Bose is a financial adviser and consultant.

RDGAudio Team Members

Shivani Dev

Analog Hardware R&D

Shivani does Analog Hardware Research for RDGAudio. She is also Marketing Adviser.

RDGAudio Team Members

Simran Sharma

GUI Developer

Simran is a CG Artist and GUI developer.

RDGAudio Team Members

Alex Hayden


Alex is a Computer Science Engineer and C++ Programmer.

RDGAudio Team Members

John Campbel

DSP & Sound Designing

John is an Electronics Engineer,Music Producer and Violin Player.

RDGAudio has the sound and the approach that we immediately connected with, instant inspiration and unexpected gratification. We are incredibly happy that RDGAudio has come into our creative world.
Steve Henry
Wow it's amazing!! RDGAudio's Cottage Piano is my new go-to plugin. Best Sounding Piano ever I got with very reasonable price. The are really best,they are making Lite versions as well for all their plugins.
Gem Fredmack
Unbelievable !! Indian instruments as AU & VST plugins formats! O my god. I have got very good sounding Indian VST,Acoustic Dhol & Acoustic Dhaak sounds amazing. I love their products.
Joel Smith
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