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      MonoVerb Quick View
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    • MonoVerb

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    • MonoVerb is a unique reverb plugins that gives you Channel separated Reverb along with Mid Side placement and 3 band EQ. What is channel separated reverb ? Well, it means if you only want to add reverb on left channel or right channel, you can do it very easily with the help of MonoVerb plugin. This is not possible in…
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  • PhazeVerb Quick View
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      PhazeVerb Quick View
    • PhazeVerb

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    • PhazeVerb by RDGAudio is a unique physically modelled Reverberation plugins. Comes with Built in Phase Chorus Modulation & Low /High Cut Filters. Reverberation is created when a sound or signal is reflected. We have modeled this phenomenon mathematically and created such Phasy Reverb with some touch of Chorus Modulations.  
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