• Indian Khol Quick View
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      Indian Khol Quick View
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    • Indian Khol

    • 29.99$
    • Indian Khol  is the world’s first and the most powerful and unique Khol Drum Synthesizer Engine to create real Indian Khol sound inside your Digital Audio Workstation. Over 450 samples with numerous articulations. AI powered dynamic RR with controllable velocity. Multiple Effects such as EQ, Reverb, Filter, Compressor, Saturation. Packed with Factory presets. New Midi Loop Browser & Sequencer. Now…
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  • SarodSarod Quick View
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      SarodSarod Quick View
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    • Sarod

    • 39.99$
    • RDGAudio Sarod  is a sample based  Instruments. It has been sampled from Indian Sarod Instruments. Sampled with different Mic Positions. It has over 480 articulations. AI Powered physical modelling. RDG Sarod has two models "Pandit" and "Ustaad". Two modes give different sarod textures. Sarod comes with Main String, Strum String, Jhalor String and Trill. You can feel the realism of…
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