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Real Dhaak is a sample based  Instruments comes with over 600 samples with different articulation,Dynamic Round Robin and Velocity sensitivity.  It has been sampled from 3 types of Bengali Indian Acoustic Dhaak , Bronze Gong (Kansor), Brass Worship Bells (Ghanta) and Oyster Shell(Shankh) which is used during the Durga Puja, Ganesha Puja, Diwali or on many festivals in India. This instrument is sampled with 3 Mic Position. It has New Sub Osc section. Gives you the realism of Sub harmonic and Boosted Low frequency. We have taken the instrument into one step further from the previous version of Acoustic Dhaak 2. Now User can feel the AI random Panning Samples and Wide Stereo Enhancement effect. When it will be turned into Mono summed it will act like a Release triggered instrument.


Real Dhaak comes with New tabbed based interface. 6 Tabs for AMP & Filter Envelopes, Filter and EQ, Mapping, Compressor, Reverb and Sequencer.

It is 2 layers of velocity with Round Robin algorithm. It comes with Win 32-64 bit VST ,VST3,AU and Mac VST plugins. Acoustic Dhaak 2 comes with FREE Player, however you need to purchase the factory expansion to Up and Run the full instrument. Packed with Factory Presets but user can save their own presets as .rdg file format. 3 Dhaak Kits can be switched from the main GUI.

Last but not the least it comes with 2 Skins. Default and Sepia. From the settings menu user can change GUI Scaling and Skins. However GUI can be resized from the right draggable corner.


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Real Dhaak Default Skin AU VST3


    (Demo Limitation White Noise Periodically) 




    • Over 600 Samples with different articulation
    • Sub Harmonic OSC and Low End Enhancer
    • 3 Dhaak Kits
    • Recorded with 3 Mic positions
    • 2 Layers of Round Robin samples
    • AI powered Stereo Randomness
    • Factory Presets and User Presets
    • Multi Tabbed UI
    • Sequencer
    • GUI Scaling and Skin Change


    • Recommended Graphics Card 1 or 2 GB
    • RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
    • Intel CPU (Mac and PC)
    • VST3, AU Format Supported DAW
    • Windows 7,8,10 (64bit)
    • Tested on Mojave and Catalina , BigSur OSX





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