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Real Sitar 3 is our new and improved AU-VST3 plugins for Mac and PC. Works on all VST3 and AU supported DAWs. It has built in real acoustic Sitar Jhankar Strings and main strings. Originally it has been sampled at our Studio with great Mic Preamp and Studio Condenser Mics with various Mic Positions. 3 Layers of dynamic round robin and 250 articulations give you the realism of playing real Sitar inside your Digital Audio workstations. Comes with built in Arp and Delay, Reverb, EQ, Filter, Stereo Enhancer and Compressor.

It includes Factory Presets and user can Save own presets as .rdg format.


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RDGAudio Real Sitar 3


    (Demo Limitation White Noise Periodically)



    • Multi Tabbed Scalable GUI
    • Sampled from Real Indian Acoustic Sitar Instruments with 3 mic positions
    • Jhankar Strings and Main Strings
    • 3 Layers of Dynamic Round Robin
    • Velocity Sensitive
    • Built in Arpeggiator
    • Built in Effects section. Delay, Reverb, EQ, Stereo Widener,  Filter, and Compressor
    • Harmonic Voice
    • Vibrato and ADSR with Amp Section
    • 20 Factory Presets
    • User can Save Presets (.rdg Files)
    • Windows VST3 and Mac AU Compatible


    • Recommended Graphics Card 1 or 2 GB
    • RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
    • Intel CPU (Mac and PC)
    • VST3, AU Format Supported DAW
    • Windows 8,10 and above (windows 11  64bit) 
    • Tested on Mojave, Catalina, BigSur OSX



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