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35 Custom Saw Wave Shapes FL Studio 3xosc and all sampler synthesizer
Essential Pluck Reveal Sound Spire 128 presets
RDGAudio Dance kick VPS Avenger product
JhikPok Lead RDGAudio VPS Avenger Expansion
JheakPok Lead VPS Avenger Expansion
Churail Horror VPS Avenegr Expansion RDGAudio
Churail Horror VPS Avenger Expansion
RDGAudio Cottage Piano Ultimate
Cottage Piano Ultimate
Kick Factory RDGAudio AU VST VST3 Instruments
Kick Factory & Expansions
VSS for VPS Avenger String Expansion 100 Presets RDGAudio
Vintage String VPS Avenger Expansion
Virtual orchestra Avenger Expansion RDGAudio
VT Orchestra VPS Avenger Expansion
Essential Pluck VPS Avenger Expansion
Santoor n Dulcimer Rompler RDGAudio
Santoor n Dulcimer Player & Expansion
Product Box Vibraphonez HD
Vibraphonez Factory Expansion
RDGAudio Real Sitar Player
RDGAudio Real Sitar Factory Expansion
VPS Avenegra Acoustic Dhol Expansion 60 presets RDGAudio
Acoustic Dhol VPS Avenger
VSS ultimate Player Silder
Vintage Simply String Ultimate Player
Product Box VSS Ult Expansion
Vintage String Ultimate Expansion
Product-Box-VSS-ES-Expansion products
Vintage String Ultimate Expansion
RDGAudio Vibraphonez Player
RDGAudio Cottage Piano Ultimate HD
Cottage Piano Ultimate Player
modern Upright Piano RDGAudio
Modern Upright Piano
Acoustic Dhol RDGAudio HD
Acoustic Dhol
Cottage Piano Deluxe RDGAudio HD
Cottage Piano Deluxe
Vengeance Avenger Trance Pluck RDGAudio HD
Trance Pluck Vengeance Avenger
Cottage Piano Diamond RDGAudio
Cottage Piano Diamond
Acoustic Dhaak RDGAudio HD
Acoustic Dhaak
Cottage Piano Classic
RDGAudio has the sound and the approach that we immediately connected with, instant inspiration and unexpected gratification. We are incredibly happy that RDGAudio has come into our creative world.
Steve Henry
Wow it's amazing!! RDGAudio's Cottage Piano is my new go-to plugin. Best Sounding Piano ever I got with very reasonable price. The are really best,they are making Lite versions as well for all their plugins.
Gem Fredmack
Unbelievable !! Indian instruments as AU & VST plugins formats! O my god. I have got very good sounding Indian VST,Acoustic Dhol & Acoustic Dhaak sounds amazing. I love their products.
Joel Smith
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