Essential Pluck VPS Avenger

Essential Pluck VPS Avenger is an expansion preset bank containing over 200 Plucks exclusively made for Vengeance Avenger synthesizer.It is categorized in Pluck,Arp,Chrod,Sequence Drum & Strings. It has been created using our old sample based rompler PLUCKATONIC. All presets have been designed by our sound designers and professional music producers. Lets create Trance,House,Pop,Hip Hop,Trap,Techno tracks from the unique sound set of VPS Avenger Essential Pluck Expansion.

Over 200 HQ Pluck Presets for Vengeance Producer Suite [VPS] Avenger is here! 50 Plucks,50 Arps,50 Chords,60 Drum Seq and 6 Strings. The most versatile and best sounding Pluck preset expansion pack you will ever have for the best  music production.

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  • Over 200 HQ Pluck Presets
  • 27 Resampler (RSMPL) from RDGAudio’s PLUCKATONIC
  • 24 shapes & 14 waveforms
  • 50 Plucks
  • 50 Arps
  • 50 Chords
  • 60 Drum sequence
  • 6 Strings
  • Ready to make Pluck Chord,Lead,Arp,Riff etc
  • Creates Trance,House,Pop,Hip Hop,Trap,Techno etc tracks

Vengeance Producer Suite [VPS] Avenger 1.2.2 or latest required.

Factory expansion needed in order to play Drums.

  1. Extract the Folder

2. Open Vengeance Proucer Suite Avenger then Go to –> SYS Tab > Content > Import Content then locate “Essential Pluck.avengercontent”

Done !!


RDGAudio has the sound and the approach that we immediately connected with, instant inspiration and unexpected gratification. We are incredibly happy that RDGAudio has come into our creative world.
Steve Henry
Wow it's amazing!! RDGAudio's Cottage Piano is my new go-to plugin. Best Sounding Piano ever I got with very reasonable price. The are really best,they are making Lite versions as well for all their plugins.
Gem Fredmack
Unbelievable !! Indian instruments as AU & VST plugins formats! O my god. I have got very good sounding Indian VST,Acoustic Dhol & Acoustic Dhaak sounds amazing. I love their products.
Joel Smith
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