Refined Digital Group

Learn and play music beats on beats.We prepare Music Video, Electronic and Acoustic Music for clients.We Designs  Sound, Audio products and Vst Software plug-ins.Here we publish full FREE!! video Tutorials and Courses on Music Production,Sound designing & Audio Electronics Engineering for all audiophiles.

RDG Audio is an excerpt from Refined Digital Group located in India.In the year 2015 Rudra Ghosh founded Refined Digital Group Audio in India West Bengal Howrah.

RDG Audio is the best bet for the upcoming sound producers.RDG Audio stands with the latest beats prepared through software. RDG Audio is the perfect ingredient for your music.

Why do you see Ads ?

"Lots of people are complaining against our Ad policy. Why there are too many ads? This is because some greedy people only download our millions of hours efforts with just a single click. Very few people pay for the millions of hours investment. If we can't accumulate money we can't afford our engineers and programmers to make audio plugins for you. That's why we collect money from ads to up and run RDGAudio. RDGAudio's FREE products are all donation based.From now on if people start to donate at least $ 0.5 per download we will remove all our Ads from the Website and Download links. Please don't rush to judge and complain again. Think twice and remember time is greater than money. " ~ Team RDGAudio